Learn to Play the Guitar

with Deanne Newkirk – The Guitar Teach

In-Person and Video-Based Guitar Lessons offered to Calgary and Surrounding areas

Meet your Guitar Teach

Deanne Newkirk

  • I love teaching guitar – and I’m really looking forward to teaching you! I began learning the guitar when I was 9 years old. Guitar has always been an important part of my life whether performing or playing for my own enjoyment. My uncles were my original inspiration. They played and sang together at events far and wide. They had an amazing blend of guitars and voices and their music really connected with people, including me….that’s how I got hooked!

In-Person Beginner Guitar Lessons

  • From Deanne’s Home Studio or Via Skype

Video Based Beginner Guitar Lessons

  • Learn to Play Guitar Through Video Tutorial

Music for Your Heart and Soul

Connect with your heart

Get to know your guitar and learn to love it. Become familiar with guitar vocabulary and the basics necessary to start your journey. Learn how to take care of your instrument, how guitar music is presented and tools to assist your practicing.


Express Yourself

Learn the major, minor and some seventh chords as well as basic guitar theory. Become familiar with rhythm and counting. Learn new rhythm patterns and how to read chord and song charts.

Connect With People

Apply what you have learned to popular songs you can play for your own enjoyment and for others. Fine tune your skills and techniques so that you can move forward. Most importantly, enjoy your journey!


Lesson Policies

No Make-Up Lessons except in circumstances where:

Guitar teacher cancels a lesson

The lesson lands on a stat holiday

The student experiences a death in the family

The student has a scheduled surgery

Deanne will track where students are at in the Lesson Plans and will share Lesson Plan .PDF and Song Charts with students. Deanne is available via mobile, text or email if students have questions between lessons. 


Free Chord Poster

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