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Meet your Guitar Teach

Deanne Newkirk

  • I’m Deanne Newkirk, the Guitar Teach! I live in Alberta, Canada and began learning the guitar when I was 9 years old. Guitar has always been an important part of my life whether performing or playing for my own enjoyment. My uncles were my musical inspiration. They played and sang together at events far and wide. They had an amazing blend of guitars and voices and their music really connected with people, including me….that’s how I got hooked!

    My own guitar journey has taken me on many incredible adventures around the world traveling and playing music at clubs and festivals in Canada, the U.S. and the UK. I’ve met so many amazing people along the way. There is no doubt that music is a language of its own that helps to connect us all.

In-Person Beginner Guitar Lessons

  • From Deanne’s Home Studio or Via Skype

Video Based Beginner Guitar Lessons

  • Learn to Play Guitar Through Video Tutorial

Why I

Teach Guitar

There is something that I’ve known for a long time that I’d like to share. Playing the guitar is so much more than learning an instrument technically. Our hearts have something very important to say and the guitar helps each of us to express creatively. This is a great gift you can offer to yourself and others. The guitar can be your sanctuary as well as your outlet for creativity. It will help you achieve the flow in life you’ve been looking for.

For me, teaching guitar is about the journey. People tell me so often that they would love to learn the guitar. Let’s do this! No prior experience is needed. Find your guitar and let’s play some music together.


Why I Love Teaching Guitar

One day it occurred to me that my guitar journey absolutely mirrored my journey through life. I could see the periods when I was driven and eager and understand those when inspiration was lacking. At times my head was in the way and other times I played from the heart. I have learned much on this journey. In many ways it has less to do with guitar technique and more to do with life and how to approach music.

For me, teaching guitar is about the journey. I want you to enjoy and appreciate the new skills you learn as you learn them. This is not American Idol, it is real life. I want you to be able to play a beautiful song at your friend’s wedding. I want you to be able to play your favorite song around a campfire. I want you to play and sing a song with your son or daughter, and inspire them to appreciate music.

I believe anyone can learn to play the guitar.

Lesson Policies

No Make-Up Lessons except in circumstances where:

Guitar teacher cancels a lesson

The lesson lands on a stat holiday

The student experiences a death in the family

The student has a scheduled surgery

Deanne will track where students are at in the Lesson Plans and will share Lesson Plan .PDF and Song Charts with students. Deanne is available via mobile, text or email if students have questions between lessons. 


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